Dan Brattain

CEO / FAA Director of Operations

Dan.Brattain@gmr.net | 541-661-7911

Cal-Ore CEO Dan Brattain became a pilot while still in high school, and prior to entering the air ambulance industry in the 1980’s he spent 20 years working in the timber industry. The scope of Dan’s education and training is an indicator of his commitment. Dan earned a BA in Business Administration from Humboldt State University. He is an Airline Transport Rated (ATP) pilot, a licensed commercial helicopter pilot, and a certified EMT. He is rated for a variety of business jets and warbirds. Dan is also a Certified Flight Instructor, an FAA-designated Part 135 Check Airman, and an FAA Safety Team Representative. After nearly three decades in air medical transport, Dan remains as motivated as ever, and he is clear about why. “I get to work in an industry that’s my passion,” he shares, adding, “and I fly in my free time, too.” Dan is widely known for his community involvement, which includes serving on a number of boards, both industry and philanthropic.

Joe Gregorio

Regional Director of Program Operations

Joe.Gregorio@gmr.net | 541-661-2083

Cal-Ore Director of Program Operations, Joe Gregorio, started his Fire/EMS career in the 1980's. "I always had an interest in Fire/EMS and started as a volunteer firefighter." Joe is currently a Battalion Chief with Crescent City Fire and Rescue. Joe joined Cal-Ore in 1998 as General Manager. Joe speaks three languages and is a certified court interpreter. His passion is helping people and serving the community.

Tim Van Maren

Chief Pilot

Timothy.VanMaren@gmr.net | 541-661-2033

Tim began his aviation career in 1993 through the University of Illinois Institute of Aviation and has since flown over 10,000 hours. Tim joined Cal-Ore in 2005 as an air ambulance pilot and transitioned to the role of Chief Pilot in 2013. His years of experience have been dedicated to Part 91 and 135 operations, all over the country. Tim also holds a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics from the University of Illinois, a black belt, and is a marathon runner.

Chris Winn

Director of Maintenance

Christopher.Winn@gmr.net | 541-469-7911

Chris began his career in the United States Navy. As an Aviation Electrician working on the FA18E/F Super Hornet Fleet, he developed a passion aircraft. After leaving the military, Chris went to work retrofitting Boeing 757 passenger aircraft. Chris joined Cal-Ore in June of 2011 and has been pursuing his passion ever since.

Debbie Andresen

Operations Manager / Clinical Manager

Debbie.Andresen@gmr.net | 541-469-7911

Debbie has been with Cal-Ore Life Flight since April 1, 2001. As Operations Supervisor for the ground ambulance service she is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations and ensuring compliance at every level. Debbie also functions as the Clinical Education Director, managing all internal and external training, including schedules, instructors and course content. Debbie has been involved in the EMS field since the late 1980’s and has seen a huge evolution in pre-hospital medicine. She enjoys helping people learn how to help others.

CJ Janisse

Clinical Manager, Air Medical

Chrystal.Janisse@gmr.net | 541-469-7911

CJ has been flying with Cal-Ore since March of 2012 as a Flight Nurse and transitioned to Clinical Manager in November of 2017. CJ holds a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing from Humboldt State University and has a background in emergency medicine. She strives to raise the bar on the services we provide to our patients and community with her supervision and training of the clinical performance of the air medical crew. CJ guides initiatives by always doing what is right for the patient.

Darryn Ballance

Project Manager / Administrative Support

Darryn.Ballance@gmr.net | 541-469-7911

As Project Manager, Darryn coordinates and oversees all things that use the company name or logo – radio, newspaper and television advertising; sponsorships; signage, brochures, flyers; logo merchandise; etc. She also functions as an Administrative Assistant to Dan Brattain and Joe Gregorio. Darryn graduated from California State University, Sacramento, with a B.S. in Business Administration. She joined Cal-Ore in June of 2006. Prior to Cal-Ore, Darryn spent 14 years with Gap, Inc.

Lisa Watson

Office Manager

Lisa.Watson@gmr.net | 541-469-7911

Lisa joined Cal-Ore Life Flight in 2011 as a medical biller.  In 2013 she was promoted to Office Manager and now oversees the daily operations of the office. Lisa is the "go-to" person at Cal-Ore for the many administrative areas of the company, including patient billing questions, IT, and local membership services.