All Cal-Ore Life Flight pilots are FAA Part 135 certified, with substantial experience in both emergency ambulance flights and regional flying conditions. They are ground and flight tested regularly to meet stringent FAA standards. At Cal-Ore, we enhance pilot training to exceed requirements through the use of our own flight simulator. This sophisticated, self-contained device allows for pilots to practice emergency procedures and work through various flight scenarios.

Cal-Ore’s extensively-trained medical team members are overseen by Air Medical Director Dr. Sandra Saunders. who is board-certified in emergency medicine. Dr. Saunders is a full-time ER Physician with decades of experience. Dr. Saunders is assisted by Dr. Michael Niedens who is a practicing ER physician.

On the airplanes, a Registered Flight Nurse and a Flight Paramedic (or two Registered Flight Nurses) provide patient care. On the helicopter, the medical team is made up of an RN and Paramedic, specifically trained in both hospital-to-hospital and scene transports. Each has significant and specialized medical training, including critical care emergency medicine and Advanced Life Support (ALS). In accordance with CAMTS standards, our nurses and paramedics participate in ongoing training to stay current on established flight protocols and procedures.

Because saving time is a fundamental aspect of emergency medicine, Cal-Ore Life Flight utilizes Flight Coordinators to ensure that an aircraft and flight team are available within 20 minutes of an emergency call.