Cal-Ore Life Flight’s fleet of five aircraft is maintained by highly-trained FAA licensed airframe and power plant mechanics. These technicians receive training specific to all company aircraft and associated systems, and they function as part of the aircraft team, working closely with our flight crews to correct aircraft discrepancies and conduct all routine inspections.

We operate twin-engine, pressurized, all-weather, Beechcraft King Air jet prop airplanes. The King Airs are capable of speeds approaching 275 mph, minimizing transport times. Cal-Ore currently operates a King Air 200 & four King Air C90-B’s, and a Eurocopter AS350 in conjunction with Reach Air Medical. The King Air is a proven platform with high reliability and a large cabin. They are approved for known icing conditions and are equipped with the latest in avionics, including color radar and Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite navigation.

Cal-Ore uses the LifePort loading system to safely and easily load/unload patients onto the aircraft. Patients are moved from the ground ambulance gurney to the aircraft gurney on a loading ramp. The ramp is attached to the inside of the airplane and slides smoothly into the cabin.

Each Cal-Ore plane is effectively a portable ICU and is outfitted with state-of-the-art Advanced Life Support (ALS) equipment to facilitate the highest quality air ambulance medical care available. This includes a cardiac monitor and defibrillator, oxygen, ventilator, pulse oximeter unit, IV pumps, suction unit and an extensive provision of emergency medical supplies.